Giving thanks on the eve of graduation.

May 8, 2015 at 12:38 PM

Rani Mehta '15In an education, sometimes it is not just the answers that matter; it is also the questions. When I reflect on my Mount Holyoke experience, there are three questions that seem most prominent: the “Will you?” the “Why?” and the questions we cannot form.

We begin our Mount Holyoke experience with a “Will you?” The College asks us, “Will you come here?" And we say yes. Once we arrive on campus, we realize that the “Will yous?” do not cease.

One of the most formative experiences of my Mount Holyoke education has been working for the Mount Holyoke News as a news section editor. This opportunity changed my life. In this position, I have worked with and met people, people who have fascinating stories, viewpoints, and ideas. I have grown as a writer and as a person, feeling more confident not only in crafting and editing news articles but also in my ability to take on challenging new projects in other aspects of my life.

And had I been left to my own devices, I don’t know if I would have applied. I would have assumed the position would be too stressful, too difficult, and that I was not qualified. But during my first year, after I had written for the newspaper for a semester, a news editor asked me to apply. And so I did. All because someone asked me, “Will you?”

At Mount Holyoke, we believe in each other. We ask one another to take risks, and we ask one another to succeed. Will you consider joining this club? Will you tell me what you think? Will you have lunch with me? Mount Holyoke is a place of encouragement.

And as much as Mount Holyoke encourages us, it also challenges us...

Thank you, Mount Holyoke, for these past four years. Thank you for the answers, and thank you for the questions.

For all of you reading this, even those whom I’ve never met and never will meet, who are part of the Mount Holyoke family, thank you. Thank you for all you have done to make this place the best that it can be. May you always find more questions.

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