Women's education can change the world. 10,000 strong and growing.

July 23, 2015 at 11:45 AM

What an incredible year it's been! Over 10,000 in the MHC community have joined our movement, strengthening the global impact of an MHC education. Throughout the year, we've celebrated those who are making change in their communities and beyond, sharing stories of the power of women (and one chicken) here on campus and around the world.

In case you missed them, here are just a few of the highlights:

leymahgbowee Leymah Gbowee P'16

"If we are to see any change in our world, the women must be involved." Watch Nobel Peace prize laureate Leymah Gbowee P'16 on "Women's Leadership: Ending Wars and Building Peace" at MHC last fall.


helengdrinan_3 Helen Drinan '69

"We just need to get on with it--face our challenges squarely and make every minute count." Helen Drinan '69, president of Simmons College, shares her story on battling breast cancer.


Rebecca Brenner 15 Rebecca Brenner '15

"Frances Perkins was a true Mount Holyoke woman because she channeled her conviction into creating positive change." Rebecca Brenner '15 shares what she learned about her idol during her Frances Perkins Center internship.


henriettachicken Henrietta the Chicken

A chicken's gift to Mount Holyoke: how Henrietta the chicken's prize winning form became a lasting gift to the College.


aderike_2 Aderike Ajao '16

"I have been discovering my passions and learning how to build a career that reflects them." Career exploration at MHC leads to a Barclays internship for Aderike Ajao '16.


annaleffingwell_hannahleffingwell15_blog Anna Leffingwell

"No more need for flowers." Hannah Leffingwell '15 on her personal "Mary," her grandmother, the inspirational influence in her life. 


kristenrenn1 Kristen Renn '86

"Women's colleges have global reach." Kristen Renn '86, professor of Higher, Adult, and Lifelong Education at Michigan State University, on the important role women's colleges play in today's world.


lepore11 The secret history of Wonder Woman

The secret history of Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman was created by 1915 alum Elizabeth Holloway Marston's husband, William Moulton Marston, but it was Elizabeth who told him that the superhero "better be female."


areebakamal Arreba Kamal '16

Role models for women in tech. Areeba Kamal '16 write in USA Today College about the importance of mentorship for women in tech.


gupta_surabhi11_fi1 Surabhi Gupta '11

"Mount Holyoke encourages you to be different, follow your own path, and change the world." Surabhi Ghupta '11 develops a free Braille smartphone app for the visually impaired.