Road to Hoshangabad: Olivia Vicioso '16 on her MHC summer in India

July 30, 2015 at 3:32 PM


Olivia is spending her summer in India working with Under the Mango Tree, a non-profit organization (founded by MHC alum Vijaya Pastala '89) that supports rural farmers by supplementing their livelihoods with beekeeping. Bees benefit farmers by pollinating their crops, which increases the quality and the quantity of their agricultural yield, also allowing farmers to augment their income through the sale of honey. In addition, Under the Mango Tree has also helped 3,000 people in six states to gain market access to their products.

Olivia is an international relations major at MHC. She's having an amazing experience so far and is grateful for funding through The Lynk that made this internship possible. She recently blogged about visiting farmers in Hoshangabad:

The road to Hoshangabad began at the break of dawn, yet the crowded streets suggested a later time of day. Our cab darted and weaved through seas of people though there was seemingly nowhere to go, as most shops had yet to open. I was glad to leave the bustle of the city for the wider, and comparatively bare streets of the highway...


Our arrival at the home of Hemraj, Under the Mango Tree’s Master Trainer in beekeeping for the Hoshangabad area, was well met as his family gathered round to greet us.


Though my Hindi is limited, it was easy to understand when Hemraj spoke of his successes in beekeeping as his eyes sparkled and he seemed to sit taller in a more comfortable and commanding position.


He was eager to show us a bag of pollen collected from a region near the Himalayan Mountains, which he intended to feed his bees with. He spoke of his bees much like a father would speak of the accomplishments of his own children...

Read the full post from Olivia on Under the Mango Tree's blog.

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