Sadia Khatri '15: Reclaiming roadside food and tea stalls as safe spaces for women with #GirlsAtDhabas

August 13, 2015 at 9:33 AM


Girls at Dhabas #GirlsAtDhabas

Sadia Khatri '15 and her friend Sabahat Zakariya started the Girls At Dhabas Tumblr posting photos from Desi women who like to visit dhabas, roadside food and tea stalls. Khatri's motivation was to reclaim dhabas as a safe space for women and to encourage them to go to spaces where they don't usually see other women. Dhabas are typically frequented by men or by women accompanied by men.

"We'd like to see more women on the streets and in spaces we are not traditionally thought to occupy. It's not just what spaces we occupy but how we occupy them, and social media is also an extension of that public space," Khatri told BuzzFeed.

The curators of Girls At Dhabas say one of the main goals feminists advocate for is freedom of mobility, and an initiative like this takes a step towards that by doing the groundwork the theory aims for.

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