Sadia Khatri '15: Breaking the cricket barrier in Pakistan

September 11, 2015 at 9:57 AM

Girls in Pakistan play cricket. Pakistan girls break boundaries by playing street cricket. Photo: Getty Images.

Sadia Khatri '15 has been inviting women to reclaim public spaces with her social media campaign, #GirlsAtDhabas, and now she's breaking another barrier in her home country of Pakistan playing cricket on the streets—traditionally, a boys-only game there. Khatri and a fellow cricket-loving alumna, Natasha Ansari '13 did not want to be restricted to their homes and so, #GirlsPlayingStreetCricket was born.

"We are Mount Holyoke alumnae. Returning home after completing our studies there in the US, we felt stuck. We had to do something about it, so here we are," Khatri told

The main agenda behind this initiative was to give out a statement that girls are not bound to be within the four walls of their house, they have the right to break boundaries and come out to be themselves. Read more on


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