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October 7, 2015 at 3:53 PM


Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum and Kira Banks '00 "Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum (pictured, left) shaped my career." -- Kira Banks '00 

"Dr. Beverly Tatum shaped my career. From inviting me to office hours on my first day of classes, to TAing for her Psychology of Racism course, to supervising my honors thesis, to remaining a mentor to this day, she has and continues to have a positive effect on my life.

As a student, I was involved in Dr. Tatum's Carnegie grant, Improving Interethnic Relations Among Youth. That experience, applying the psychological concepts to real life, has stuck with me and shaped my thinking about how to use research to inform practice. Throughout the years, I have consistently been passionate about understanding the experience of discrimination, researching the deleterious effects, and developing interventions to improve intergroup dynamics. My academic career has often been balanced by community engagement and translating psychological concepts to the general public. My involvement in protests and activism in Ferguson feel in line with my sense of self. And the opportunity to be a consultant for the Ferguson Commission on racial equity and racial reconciliation is at the intersection of my academic and activist interests.

Dr. Beverly Tatum, because we met, I am aware of my sphere of influence and work to use it to dismantle racism." —Kira Banks '00

Whether your life's journey was changed by a professor, classmate, friend, or mentor—on campus or after you graduated—the connections that happen through MHC are uniquely special and reverberate through our lives.

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