Jane, because we met...

October 29, 2015 at 1:00 PM


Jane Crosthwaite Jane F. Crosthwaite, Professor Emerita of Religion 

"I was 4 years out of MHC, with a Peace Corps stint and a disappointing attempt at graduate school behind me. I was working in my major field and not happy. Jane Crosthwaite, my former professor and then neighbor, told me to make a list of everything I might like to do. She then helped me make a list of my strengths, those things I did well. That skill list showed me possibilities I never considered. And led to my applying to dental school.

Now, nearly 15 years into my career, I am teaching newly graduated dentists, seeing my own patients, and wake up every morning excited to face another tooth.

Jane, because we met, I found a career I love." —Sheree Morgan '88

Whether your life's journey was changed by a professor, classmate, friend, or mentor—on campus or after you graduated—the connections that happen through MHC are uniquely special and reverberate through our lives.

Make someone's day. Change someone's life.  Honor your MHC connections by making your gift today.



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