Alice Bliss Studebaker, because we met...

November 3, 2015 at 10:18 AM


Alice Bliss Studebaker '59Alice Bliss Studebaker '59 (1937-2011) on campus during her 50th Reunion in 2009.


One of the unexpected pleasures of returning for College events later in life has been the connections with classmates I did not necessarily know well during our undergraduate years.

Connecting with Alice Bliss Studebaker at our 45th reunion was just such a delightful discovery. Her enthusiasm and energy inspired many of her classmates to support the internship programs when financial and institutional resources were somewhat limited. She recognized the importance of the experience and she lobbied the Class Board very effectively—it wasn't easy contributing to the intern programs 12 years ago since donations were not part of The Mount Holyoke Fund and had to be separately noted. But she was tireless and I know she would love the changes now in place.

Many MHC women may already know that the Political Science Department was at the forefront of the summer intern movement! In the late 1950's they offered two options—one the Washington internship experience and another for independent study with faculty guidance, usually carried out in one's home community. I chose the latter and embarked upon an intense 10-week examination of the possibility of "A Metropolitan Form of Government for the Triple Cities Area of New York State." After interviewing over 30 business, political, and educational leaders and devising what I considered a remarkably sensible and cost-efficient plan, I quickly learned that devising a plan and implementing it are two very different things! It was a lesson I have had occasion to recall throughout my life!

Alice, because we met, I have come to appreciate anew the importantance of the internship experience.
Jane Milliken Finleon '59

Whether your life's journey was changed by a professor, classmate, friend, or mentor—on campus or after you graduated—the connections that happen through MHC are uniquely special and reverberate through our lives.

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