Janet, because we met...

November 6, 2015 at 11:27 AM


Jessica Avery '15 and Janet Lansberry Jessica Avery '15 with Janet Lansberry, assistant director of the Weissman Center for Leadership 

"Janet, I met you after I learned about the Weissman Center for Leadership on campus. You helped me in finding internships, attending seminars, and participating in LEAP. Your support and encouragement played a huge role in my decision to pursue a career in the public service sector, which I am now working in. And, you continue to show me this unwavering support even after I have left Mount Holyoke.

Janet, because we met, I learned how to be a leader who inspires." —Jessica Avery '15

Whether your life's journey was changed by a professor, classmate, friend, or mentor—on campus or after you graduated—the connections that happen through MHC are uniquely special and reverberate through our lives.

Make someone's day. Change someone's life.  Honor your MHC connections by making your gift today.



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