Professor Will Millard, because we met...

November 23, 2015 at 3:25 PM


Professor Will Millard "Will's consistent personalization and recognition made an impact and created confidence." 

"Will, because we met, I stopped fearing statistics, aced my graduate neuropsychology classes, and can still find my way through the pharmacology small print in a drug ad. Because you help up the highest standards, I came to see myself as an achiever. Thank you!"
Dr. Nechama "Diny" Capland FP'06

Whether your life's journey was changed by a professor, classmate, friend, or mentor—on campus or after you graduated—the connections that happen through MHC are uniquely special and reverberate through our lives.

Make someone's day. Change someone's life.  Honor your MHC connections by making your gift today.



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