Meet the class of 2020 HCAs

May 16, 2020 at 4:56 PM

Class of 2020 Head Class Agents Marisol Fernandez and Eloise Arnot

Each year the senior class works together to leave behind its legacy, in the form of The Senior Campaign. This provides an opportunity for the class to work together towards a shared goal and a chance for new or established leaders to come up with creative ideas for ways to engage classmates. Led by Head Class Agents (HCAs), with the support of the Class Board, The Senior Campaign allows the class to join forces for the first time with the thousands of alums who paved the way before them.

Though their time on campus was cut short, the class of 2020 HCAs, Eloise Arnot and Marisol Fernandez, worked diligently to kick off the campaign and promote it at events large and small — from Founder's Day to pub nights — encouraging their class to pay it forward to future generations.

Hear from Eloise and Marisol about their roles as HCAs and find out why philanthropic support of MHC is important to them:

What drew you to the position of Head Class Agent for the class of 2020?

Eloise: I was drawn to be a Head Class Agent because I wanted to help MHC grow and succeed. For me, becoming a Head Class Agent was a way for me to say I am proud to be a Mount Holyoke College student, and I wanted to support MHC through community engagement.

Marisol: The Head Class Agent position was my opportunity to connect with my class as we prepare to become alumnae. We begin the process of giving back to future Mount Holyoke students as students, and encourage our classmates to continue doing so once we leave the gates.

Why should people give back to support MHC and The Mount Holyoke Fund right now?

Eloise: In these uncertain times, the last thing on a person's mind is giving, but for me, now is the time we need to invest in a more certain and stable future. When you give to MHC, you are investing in our people — students, educators, alums — and providing a strong legacy for future generations.

Marisol: It's super important to remember that The Mount Holyoke Fund goes directly to the student experience. Whatever gift folks are able to give will be able to support students the same way it has before this crisis, and the gifts will continue to do so, no matter where our students are.

What compelled you to make your senior gift?

Eloise: I was compelled to make my senior gift because giving back shows gratitude. As I look back at the nearly four years I spent at MHC, I remember the fantastic friends and memories I made, and the opportunities I was given. I think about the many wonderful classes and professors that influenced my life. Giving back is my gesture of gratitude.

Marisol: Mount Holyoke students and alumnae have such a strong commitment to philanthropy and giving back. I wanted to give my gift to ensure that future generations of Mount Holyoke students will be able to have the same experiences and more.

We wish Eloise, Marisol and the entire class of 2020 all the best as they begin their new journeys in life and as Mount Holyoke alums!

Pictured above: 
HCAs Marisol Fernandez (L) and Eloise Arnot (R) at the impromptu class of 2020 Laurel Parade held on campus in March.

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