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December 19, 2019 at 3:27 PM

Katerina Alvarez ’20

Katerina Alvarez ’20 came to Mount Holyoke determined to accomplish big things. A Posse scholar from Miami, Katerina demonstrated extraordinary leadership qualities even in high school. But it wasn't until she came to Mount Holyoke that she discovered exactly where to focus her interests. Now, as she prepares to graduate this December with a degree in statistics and sociology, Katerina is ready to make a difference. Armed with a wide array of accomplishments under her belt, along with the knowledge and expertise that she’s gained from her time at Mount Holyoke, she’s poised to achieve even bigger things beyond the gates.

In the past few years, Katerina interned at Google and at UNICEF (twice!), juggled life as a student athlete on the equestrian team and served as a Community Based Learning (CBL) Fellow. “Here at Mount Holyoke, I've been able to leverage my personal and professional skills, learn what it means to create mutually beneficial partnerships and build time-management skills,” she says. This vast range of experiences has helped her to refine her post-graduation goals, and she looks forward to combining her love of technology with community engagement. “In the future, I want to work with teams dedicated to corporate social responsibility,” she reveals, “developing data-driven and human-focused philanthropy powered by large companies such as Google.” Currently, she’s working on applying for a fellowship that would pair her with a philanthropic startup in Asia.

“Without your consistent support, we wouldn't be able to continue to break barriers and inspire success!”

As she readies to pursue her career goals, Katerina is grateful for the support of alumnae and friends and knows that her Mount Holyoke accomplishments are thanks, in part, to this generosity. “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” she conveys. “Without your consistent support, we wouldn't be able to continue to break barriers and inspire success!”

When you give to destinations such as Athletics, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion or the Lynk and Career Preparedness through The Mount Holyoke Fund, you help open doors and opportunities for students like Katerina, helping them to find their purpose and make positive change in the world.

What matters most to you? Your gift. Your choice. Choose your destination.

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Rachel Nix ’20

Written by Rachel Nix ’20

Rachel, a politics major and sociology minor, is a marketing assistant in the Office of Advancement and a contributor to the MHC Forever blog. Hailing from West Virginia, she serves on MHC’s Admissions and Financial Aid Advisory Committee, is deeply involved with social justice initiatives and loves spending her free time with friends, reading on the green or trying to pet Jorge, the goose.