Donor Spotlight: Charlotte Dye ’15. “Mount Holyoke is an institution that does important things for its students and for the world.”

October 13, 2016 at 11:48 AM

charlottedye_w.jpgCharlotte Dye '15 graduated from Mount Holyoke with a dual degree in computer science and gender studies. She currently lives in the Greater Boston area and works as a software developer for IBM. Originally from Bethesda, Maryland, Charlotte knew during her first campus visit that Mount Holyoke would be an incredible and unique experience in so many ways, from the lessons she learned to MHC's passionate community:

What's the greatest lesson you learned while at MHC? When trying to understand something, it is often useful to think about what the interesting questions are. You can learn things this way that you can't learn as easily by simply trying to find an answer to existing questions.

What's your favorite spot on campus? I love walking around behind the greenhouse and taking in the scenery. I also enjoy wandering around the library and walking through the stacks.

What inspires your giving to MHC? I give to Mount Holyoke because I had a wonderful experience and I would like to help ensure that others can have similarly wonderful experiences. I learned a lot in my time there—it fundamentally shaped who I am as a person and what I can contribute to the world. Mount Holyoke is an institution that does important things for its students and for the world, and I enjoy being able to contribute in a small way.

Was there a moment you knew your life was forever changed? Much of it was gradual, but I still remember visiting Mount Holyoke after I had been accepted. I arrived that weekend thinking I would like to enroll, but by the time I left, I knew both that I would be attending and that Mount Holyoke would be a special place. I remember being welcomed warmly to the campus and being amazed by how many kind, confident, and intelligent women surrounded me.

What are the 5 best things about MHC?
1. The kind, intelligent, and passionate students and alums.
2. The professors who both challenged students intellectually and were emotionally invested in the students.
3. The general idealism of the entire community and the dedication of the community to improving the world.
4. The beautiful, serene campus.
5. The broad exposure to multiple disciplines and the dedication to the liberal arts in a way that allowed me to see connections between things that are often thought of as very different.

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