A foundation for future success

June 28, 2019 at 1:50 PM


Before coming to Mount Holyoke, I was pretty sure I wanted to do something resembling environmental studies and public policy. I’m still not completely sure, but after two semesters I’ve discovered a real interest in politics, particularly the intersection of politics and environmental issues. With this career path in mind, I’ve become intrigued by the possibility of law school — something I never would have contemplated before attending Mount Holyoke.

I’ve always thought of law school as something unattainable, thinking I wasn’t smart or hard working enough, so I never put much thought into it.

Not far into my first semester, however, I became involved in MHC’s Model United Nations, where I met other students — both in my class year and older — who were considering law school. I began to picture myself pursuing environmental law someday and making a difference. I talked to my advisors, and they assured me that with hard work it could be a possible future for me. They also gave me advice on how to prepare for a law career while still in my undergraduate years.

I am only a first-year student and post-graduate decisions are still down the road, but through the encouragement of other students and the faculty at MHC I’ve set a goal for myself and determined a path that I believe can fulfill my interests and dreams.

No matter where I end up, I know that the support I receive at Mount Holyoke will be a large part of my success.

Abby Wester ’22

Written by Abby Wester ’22

Abby Wester (she/her) is a politics major and intended environmental studies minor from Beltsville, Maryland. In addition to her active involvement with Mount Holyoke’s Model United Nations as co-treasurer, she also works as a phonathon caller for MHC’s Office of Advancement and is a member of the College’s Orientation team. Fun fact: she’s played cello for 13 years!