The Lynk Lowdown: Samantha Haddad ’19

June 22, 2018 at 7:07 AM

Samantha Haddad ’19

Meet Samantha Haddad ’19, who came to Mount Holyoke from Mount Kisco, New York. A rising senior with a double major in history and art history, Samantha is Co-President of the Planned Parenthood Generation Action Mount Holyoke College Chapter, a Student Outreach Coordinator and a member of the Amherst Irish Association. A recipient of the 2018 Dorothy M. Cogswell Merit Scholarship in art history, Samantha plans to move to Northern Ireland after she graduates and hopes to work in Irish Civil Service and Public Policy.

Name: Samantha Haddad ’19
Hometown: Mount Kisco, NY
Major: History/Art History Double Major

Why did you choose Mount Holyoke?
I knew I wanted someplace where women would be the focal point: fostering our leadership skills and prioritizing women in the classroom. I was interviewed by amazing local alumnae who instantly cared and valued the things I had to say. When I visited, the professors were engaging and kind. All of this was solidified when I walked into the reading room and said, "I can see myself studying here!" (And now I do! All the time!)

What is the greatest lesson you learned at MHC?
To value your own voice and opinions, and then take those ideas and make the world a better place.

Is there an MHC moment or relationship that changed your life?
My academic advisors, Anthony Lee and Dan Czitrom, and my research advisor, Jeremy King, have been crucial in supporting my academic interests and bridging those interests to tangible real world experiences. I also greatly value my relationship with my best friend, Rachel. We both come from different experiences and interests, but we support one another as young women, leaders, and scholars. Women supporting women! That is what Mount Holyoke is about.

How has The Lynk impacted your studies and experience?
I went to Belfast, Northern Ireland to work in a museum focusing on multiple facets of the Northern Irish conflict. The collision of art and history is so important, particularly in a place like Belfast that is still wrestling with issues of public space, memory, and reconciliation. Lynk connected my academic interests with real life experiences, helping to sustain and motivate my independent research.

List your top 3 favorite things about MHC:
1) The students and faculty.
2) The College’s investment in student projects and experiences.
3) The library!

What do you hope to do after you graduate from MHC?
Post-graduation I hope to work in Irish Civil Service and Public Policy, particularly in the realm of improving the lives of women and other marginalized groups. Right now, Ireland doesn't allow abortion, and the North of Ireland does not have marriage equality. I hope to work in a field to effect change in both these areas by putting my research into policy.

What is one thing you would want to say to an alum who donated to MHC?
Thank you! Thank you for supporting my academic interests financially, and believing in the continued message of Mount Holyoke and its students.

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