Where thinkers become makers: Joy's story

April 30, 2018 at 8:56 AM

Joy Maran '19Joy Maran ’19 is an international relations and economics double major with a Nexus concentration in global business. A member of Professor Jon Western's American Foreign Policy class, Joy and her fellow students used the Makerspace as a way to discuss the use, power and ethics of drone technology — by building their own drones.

A star athlete, Joy returned to the Makerspace to solve a problem that had long plagued her on tennis and volleyball courts: line balls. Those ambiguous, “Was the ball in or out?” shots. Her project, Lit Lines, eliminates the ambiguity. It involves three pressure sensors (the exact width of a tennis court line), a SquareWear device and a neopixel strip. This strip, when hit by a ball, sets off lights and a buzzer.

Joy is just one example of how students at Mount Holyoke are leveraging the liberal arts — by uniting passion with innovative thinking and technological facility — to create real change.


“Making” provides a visceral understanding of both physical and intellectual concepts, and represents a unique mode of inquiry. Modern maker culture encourages collaboration across different disciplines and broad exploration — a hallmark of the liberal arts.

The Mount Holyoke College Makerspace provides the resources to support novices and experts alike, as they turn their ideas into tangible reality. Fostering collaboration across the College, the Makerspace inspires students to pursue careers and projects they might never have considered.

The physical space brings together the tools, people, and resources that support the expanding maker culture on campus from a central hub. By welcoming all ideas and facilitating interdisciplinary collaborations, the Makerspace connects students to the wealth of expertise and facilities on campus and beyond.

The Makerspace is just one of many different learning environments supported by gifts to the Academic Enrichment destination through The Mount Holyoke Fund. When you choose to invest in academic enrichment, you support a home for 21st-century artisans, as well as a myriad of other initiatives aimed at enhancing our students' classroom experience.

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