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What is The Mount Holyoke Fund?
An investment in Mount Holyoke today.

The Mount Holyoke Fund, the College’s annual fund, provides more than $8 million dollars in support of the College’s operating budget each year. Mount Holyoke Fund gifts are unrestricted, meaning they can be spent as they come in, making an immediate difference in the lives of students and faculty. Because they are unrestricted and can be spent immediately, they enable the College to be flexible, nimble and responsive to emerging opportunities and challenges. The Mount Holyoke Fund is an important complement to our endowment, which is invested for the long term and provides a stable source of income to fund College programs.

Gifts to The Mount Holyoke Fund support every aspect of the MHC experience and provide significant funding for things that really matter to our campus community including scholarship aid, support of internships and the Lynk, sustainability initiatives and much more. In fact, you can choose to direct your Mount Holyoke Fund gift to one of 17 different destinations, ensuring that you can support what matters most to you.

Choose your destination: Support what matters most to you

The Mount Holyoke Fund is similar to a checking account and is used to meet current operational costs. The College's budget relies on Mount Holyoke Fund gifts to meet its yearly expenses. Conversely, the endowment is similar to a long-term savings account and is vital in securing the future of the College. Lasting growth of the Mount Holyoke College endowment can be attributed to strong returns from the investment portfolio coupled with gifts to the endowment.

Endowment vs. The Mount Holyoke Fund: What's the difference? While annual gifts to The Mount Holyoke Fund are critical to the day-to-day operations of the College, the endowment is a permanent, self-sustaining source of funding that is essential for long-term financial stability.

Every. Donor. Counts. Alum participation is determined by the number of donors, not by the amount of their gifts. When you make your gift to Mount Holyoke every year:

  • You SUSTAIN the Mount Holyoke experience for current and future students.

  • You MAINTAIN the power and reputation of your own degree.

  • You INSPIRE others to give back too.

Gifts large and small add up. 34 alums giving $10=$340 to support emergency needs for one student; 140 alums giving $25=$3,500 for one LYNK-funded internship; 50 alums giving $100=$5,000 for one need-based scholarship.

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Gifts from other community members — families, faculty, staff and students — are just as important as gifts from alums. Participation from other community members demonstrates to families and alums that the on-campus community is invested in Mount Holyoke’s success and the success of our students, contributes to a culture of philanthropy on campus and provides support for all of the same critical needs as alum gifts.


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