My favorite place on campus: Skinner Green

June 14, 2019 at 3:03 PM


One of the central places on Mount Holyoke’s campus is Skinner Green; it’s integral to student life here at MHC. At any given time when the weather is nice, one can find students relaxing on the grass, doing homework or eating lunch in the shade, playing a game of Frisbee and more. It’s also frequently used as an impromptu throughway between buildings on campus.

The centrality of the Green is no surprise, as there are many campus buildings surrounding it. On the side closest to College Street lies Skinner Hall with North Rockefeller, South Rockefeller and Mead Hall to its left, and Brigham and Safford to its right. The other side of the Green consists of Wilder Hall, Porter Hall and one of the most important destinations on campus: MHC’s Community Center, which is made up of Blanchard Hall, the Great Room and the new Dining Commons.

This year I live on the Green, which I’ve been told is something everyone should do sometime during their years at Mount Holyoke. My window faces it, and I’m able to look out onto all of the activity. I’ve always loved people watching, and now I have the perfect spot for it! As a senior, I never realized how living in this part of campus would affect my experience. Everything from classes, to meals, to getting together with friends has become easier.

As the weather warms up, outside activity has picked up. The Green is coming back to life, and everyday I get to witness more signs that Spring is here and that the end of the year is coming quickly. Skinner Green is full of laughter, sunlight and warmth, serving as a common ground for all Mount Holyoke students.

When you support Campus Preservation through The Mount Holyoke Fund, you help keep Skinner Green — and all of the other green spaces on campus — manicured and maintained for students like me to gather, relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. You enable us to celebrate the world around us and each other.

Your gift. Your choice. Choose your destination.

Emily Isakson ’19

Written by Emily Isakson ’19

Emily, a native of Worcester, MA, recently graduated from Mount Holyoke with a degree in ancient studies and a minor in medieval studies. During her time at MHC, she worked as a student assistant in the Mount Holyoke College Archives & Special Collection and was also a phonathon caller for the College’s Office of Advancement. Learn more about Emily and her work in the Archives and Special Collections.