Shifting priorities during uncertain times

April 22, 2020 at 12:04 PM

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The global coronavirus outbreak has brought many changes to the Mount Holyoke campus, requiring the College to adapt quickly in order to ensure the safety and well-being of current students, faculty and staff. Transitions to alternative modes of instruction and learning, shifts to remote work and changes in the ways that we connect with one another have led to a wide variety of unanticipated challenges.

As the College shifts from crisis management to consequence management, support of The Mount Holyoke Fund continues to provide immediate budget relief to ensure the financial health of the institution during the COVID-19 pandemic. Costs did not go away when students left in March: essential operations on campus continue to provide services for the 300 students still living in residence halls, and faculty and staff continue to instruct and assist students. Now, more than ever, Mount Holyoke's generous community of alumnae, family and friends play a crucial role in supporting students, both on and off campus, through gifts to The Mount Holyoke Fund.

While The Mount Holyoke Fund offers many different ways to designate annual gifts, the College has outlined two priority destinations at this time:

Wherever Mount Holyoke Needs it Most
Gifts directed to this destination provide Mount Holyoke with the most flexibility to respond to emerging needs in this ever-evolving landscape.

Scholarship Aid
Always a significant priority for the College, scholarship aid will become an even more critical need as our students and families are impacted by the economic crisis brought on by the pandemic. Gifts to this destination will support:

  • Competitive financial aid packages to encourage increased enrollment of new students.
  • Continued affordability and access to an unparalleled Mount Holyoke education for all students, even in the face of economic uncertainty.
With the realization that many of us are in new — and perhaps more difficult — financial situations, a gift of any size to The Mount Holyoke Fund not only provides vital fiscal support, but also helps show current students that they are not alone during this unprecedented time. Thank you for your generosity.
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