Thank you for a wonderful Reunion!

June 2, 2017 at 1:11 PM

Thank you for a wonderful Reunion!

These past two weekends, hundreds of alumnae gathered on our stunning campus to reconnect with classmates, welcome the class of 2017 as our newest alumnae, and create new memories at our beautiful alma mater. Take a look at this wonderful Reunion recap from the Alumnae Association. Did your favorite moments make the cut?

Over these lovely spring weekends, we had the opportunity to recognize alumnae who are doing incredible work in the world, share powerful class histories (and discover more similarities than differences), and celebrate the tremendous outpouring of support for Mount Holyoke. Reunion classes raised an incredible $3.4 million for The Mount Holyoke Fund to date this fiscal year, with many classes surpassing their goals and breaking records. Check out this infographic for more impressive Reunion stats.

Just as Mount Holyoke will always be a part of us, you are a part of Mount Holyoke. Your stories, experiences, and contributions have shaped Mount Holyoke, and paved the way for future students to accomplish great things. Because of your support, Mount Holyoke forever shall be. Thank you!


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