Giullietta, because we met...

By MHC Development on October 28, 2015 at 1:08 PM


Students and crew of the Sea Education Association's (SEA) Semester S-191 in Honolulu, Hawaii in 2004.

"Giulietta, I still tear up when I think of the day you and Gail [Hudson '60] welcomed my ship at the dock in Honolulu. There I was, sad that no one will wait for me because my family was far away, only to look up in disbelief to see that two smiling MHC women were the only people at the dock! Welcoming not just me but our entire ship.

For whatever reason, you gave me so much love and care and made my time in Hawaii unforgettable: from my internship at the Governor's office to the apartment near the beach to my getaways on Maui.

Giullietta Swenson, because we met, I was able to call paradise my home, to care for it and appreciate it like you do. Thank you from all my heart." —Natalia Stefanova '05

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