The Lynk Lowdown: Samantha Haddad ’19

By MHC Development on June 22, 2018 at 7:07 AM

Meet Samantha Haddad ’19, who came to Mount Holyoke from Mount Kisco, New York. A rising senior with a double major in history and art history, Samantha is Co-President of the Planned Parenthood Generation Action Mount Holyoke College Chapter, a Student Outreach Coordinator and a member of the Amherst Irish Association. A recipient of the 2018 Dorothy M. Cogswell Merit Scholarship in art history, Samantha plans to move to Northern Ireland after she graduates and hopes to work in Irish Civil Service and Public Policy.

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The Lynk Lowdown: Cassie Peltier ’18

By MHC Development on June 21, 2018 at 7:56 AM

Meet Cassie Peltier ’18, who came to Mount Holyoke from Williamstown, Massachusetts. A history major with a Nexus in Museums, Archives and Public History, Cassie served as a board member for the Mount Holyoke Folk Music and Dance Society, where she taught Irish step and ceili dances, co-organized contra dances, and helped host a Scottish Highland dance workshop. She also studied modern Irish Gaelic through the Five College Supervised Independent Language Program. After graduation, Cassie hopes to complete fellowships and internships at museums, learning all aspects of the field, and then study textile conservation.

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The Lynk Lowdown: Sofia Rivera ’18

By MHC Development on June 20, 2018 at 2:21 PM

Meet Sofia Rivera ’18, who came to Mount Holyoke from San Juan, Puerto Rico. An international relations major with a minor in American politics, Sofia served as the Latinx Caucus Chair and Membership Director for the College Democrats of Massachusetts and was a Department of State virtual intern with the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City, where she researched migration trends and human rights abuses in the region. She also interned with the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, a grassroots organization that focuses on building power at the local, state and federal levels. After graduation, Sofia will be pursuing a career in public service and community engagement, with a focus on electoral politics within the Latinx community.

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Looking back and LEAPing forward

By MHC Development on June 19, 2018 at 9:59 AM

The LEAP (Learning from Application) Symposium is Mount Holyoke's premier showcase of student summer work, organized by and for Mount Holyoke students.

LEAP is designed to give students who aspire to undertake internships and summer research the opportunity to learn from their peers. It is also for the whole Mount Holyoke community — family, friends, faculty, staff and alumnae — to come together to celebrate the work and contributions of the presenters.

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High-impact practices work: Carol Geary Schneider ’67 on the new design for learning

By MHC Development on June 2, 2016 at 2:42 PM

At Mount Holyoke, programs such as The Lynk allow students to connect their academic work with practical applications. In addition to a liberal education, experiential learning through internships, research, community-based projects, and more offer high-impact experiences for students, giving them a leading edge in a competitive world. In a recent interview with The Chronicle of Higher Education, Carol Geary Schneider '67 explains how there's a new design for learning now, and there's evidence it works:

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Celebrating Community #25: Pre-Law Association

By Alexandria Decatur ’16 and Tessa Schroll '18 on February 25, 2016 at 9:30 AM

A recent Pre-Law Association "Internship Info Session" event in collaboration with the Career Development Center. Guest speakers included Pre-Law Advisor Roshonda DeGraffenreid FP’10 who spoke about Lynk funding, and also association members who spoke about their past internship experiences.

Art law, civil rights law, environmental law, international law...the legal field spans a broad range of industries and expertise, enabling people to pursue their passions and make an impact. But where can an MHC student go to learn more? Thankfully, the Mount Holyoke College Pre-Law Association is there as a resource and network. Comprised of students considering pursuing law school or a legal profession, the association aims to increase awareness about this vast field and to create a peer community where students can gain inspiration and foster their passion for law. Through collaboration with the Career Development Center (CDC), the association helps guide students through the law school application process, preparing for the Law School Admission Test, and choosing suitable schools. The association also works at educating members on various fields of law and career exploration.

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The many benefits of a women's college

By MHC Development on December 23, 2015 at 11:15 AM

"My mom is a Mount Holyoke alum, so growing up I never thought of women's colleges as being different from any other school. I looked at several women's colleges when applying along with other co-ed universities. It came down to this school giving me the best quality of education for the amount of money I was offered, but the close-knit community at Mount Holyoke really pulled me in. I really forged an identity here and have grown so much stronger in voicing my opinions, and I think I owe it to my school encouraging self-determination, supportiveness, and never fearing change," Jessica, class of 2018, recently told Her Campus.

The close-knit community at MHC and the world-class education are only two of the many benefits of attending a women's college. In an article for the Hartford Courant, Rhona Free, president of University of St. Joseph, highlights strong leadership and higher satisfaction from women's colleges. She cites research indicating that students who choose to attend women's colleges are exceptional, including a 2015 study by UCLA that concluded that women's colleges attract ambitious, creative, and intellectually curious students who are committed to social change.

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Global changemakers start at Mount Holyoke.

By MHC Development on December 11, 2015 at 9:00 AM

Mount Holyoke was recently recognized as a leader in global education with the 2015 Senator Paul Simon Award—one of only 5 institutions awarded this prestigious honor. From South Hadley to the far corners of the world, the MHC impact is global.

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Janet, because we met...

By MHC Development on November 6, 2015 at 11:27 AM


Jessica Avery '15 with Janet Lansberry, assistant director of the Weissman Center for Leadership 

"Janet, I met you after I learned about the Weissman Center for Leadership on campus. You helped me in finding internships, attending seminars, and participating in LEAP. Your support and encouragement played a huge role in my decision to pursue a career in the public service sector, which I am now working in. And, you continue to show me this unwavering support even after I have left Mount Holyoke.

Janet, because we met, I learned how to be a leader who inspires." —Jessica Avery '15

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Double your impact: Take the Founder's Day Challenge, November 8-15

By Mount Holyoke College on November 4, 2015 at 8:30 AM


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