Volunteer Voice: Andrea Lange ’71

June 22, 2020 at 8:00 AM

Andrea Lange ’71

Andrea Lange ’71 has devoted much of her life to higher education, particularly in the public service sector. Now retired, she most recently served as Associate Provost and Dean for Academic Resources at Washington College, where she worked directly with students interested in integrative/experiential learning including job shadowing, internships and bench research on and off campus.

Her commitment to education is also reflected in her role as a Mount Holyoke Class Agent, which gives her the opportunity to support the College's efforts to provide a transformative liberal arts education to exceptional students from all backgrounds.

What has life been like for you during the pandemic?
I have been very fortunate. All my family members are healthy and safe, as am I.

How have your Mount Holyoke connections helped you through this time? What has the MHC network meant to you?
Since I am currently helping to raise funds for our class’s 50th reunion, it has been totally enriching to connect with former classmates and to learn that most have found exciting lives after retiring from their professional careers.

Why is it important to you to support Mount Holyoke at this time?
I am a strong advocate in the value of a liberal arts education, and MHC has been a leader in that area. I want to continue to support the College in its efforts to make that education available to as many students as possible.

Why do you believe it is important for alumnae to support the College?
We were all very fortunate to receive an intellectual gift from our MHC experience, and to show our gratitude we should all support the College in this time of need.

What has your MHC education meant to you?
It was critical to my love of learning, and the friendships I made there have lasted for many years.

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