Volunteer Voice: Leslie Smith Green ’94

June 25, 2020 at 10:12 AM

Leslie Smith Green ’94

As a longtime Head Class Agent, Leslie Smith Green ’94 is deeply committed to Mount Holyoke's mission: to provide exceptional students from all backgrounds with an intellectually adventurous education that prepares them for lives of thoughtful, effective and purposeful engagement in the world.

In addition to her fundraising work to support the College, she has also spearheaded signature initiatives designed to create a deeper connection between alums, current students and the College. Her leadership in launching the MHC Alumnae International Student Sponsorship program — which matches alums to incoming international students who may need assistance and support while traveling alone to a new country — was recognized with the Alumnae Association's inaugural Innovator Award in 2019.

What has life been like for you during the pandemic?
We've been moving into a new home and renovating it during this crazy time. Our son is in his third school this year for kindergarten but has been able to adjust well to his new class and teacher. I love having my husband work from home! He does housework, unpacking and general maintenance stuff while on conference calls!! As usual, I struggle with having too high expectations of myself. I've now taken on haircuts and dog grooming in addition to all the normal “mom” stuff!

How have your Mount Holyoke connections helped you through this time? What has the MHC network meant to you?
We've had some great movie nights together, a Zoom M&Cs and just some great conversations. We say how much we appreciate each other more than ever.

Why is it important to you to support Mount Holyoke at this time?
This pandemic has disrupted so many businesses and industries financially. MHC is not immune and faces special challenges by having to send students home and not have summer conference revenue. Anything extra we can do to rally together is really important!

Why do you believe it is important for alumnae to support the College?
How we collectively support the College is something that shapes the perception of the school — for the positive or negative.

What has your MHC education meant to you?
My Mount Holyoke education taught me to think more critically, it opened my eyes to so much more than I had ever experienced, and the connections I made there and have made since graduation sustain and uplift me.

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