Why choose Library & Archives?

December 18, 2018 at 8:17 AM

Mount Holyoke’s Library, Information, and Technology Services (LITS) is many things at once: a premier research library, an award-winning teaching and learning facility, a technology and media hub, a repository for the College’s rich history. With a dedicated team serving the Mount Holyoke College community, the library and archives inspire learning, reflection and creativity, stimulating ideas through the power of technology, discovery and collaboration.

By directing your gift to Library & Archives, you are investing in the tools and resources that empower students to dive into an ever-changing world in pursuit of scholarship, research, and innovative solutions to academic challenges. When you choose a destination for your gift through The Mount Holyoke Fund, you put your money to work where it matters most to you.

Your gift. Your choice. Choose your destination.

MHC Advancement

Written by MHC Advancement