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Gifts to The Mount Holyoke Fund are put to work immediately to address the College’s most critical needs.

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Mount Holyoke College: cultivating passions and charting the way forward since 1837.


Sustainability Initiatives

Help Mount Holyoke reduce its carbon footprint and advance a culture of sustainability on campus.

Thanks to an alumna and College funding, two environmental studies majors spent the summer of 2017 identifying aquatic plants to help assess the Connecticut River’s health.



Support exceptional students from all economic circumstances.

“To any and all alums that have donated to MHC, I would like to express my gratitude. Being the first in my family to attend college is amazing. This institution has made me a strong, conscious, politically aware young lady who will succeed in life.” – Arielle Derival ’17


The Lynk & Career Preparedness

Support internships and research opportunities, programming and enhanced advising.

Mount Holyoke College research shows that the keys to successful career advancement are grade point average and participation in internships — the more, the better.


Academic Enrichment

Support academic departments and centers.

When entrepreneurial skills are built upon a strong liberal arts foundation, students ready to bring their ideas to life — and to the world. That’s the promise of the new minor in entrepreneurship, organizations and society.



Help attract and retain excellent professors.

A three-day scholarship renewal workshop, hosted by the Mount Holyoke College Teaching and Learning Initiative, offered faculty a chance to reconnect with each other, with their work and with the best practices in education.


Technology & Teaching Tools

Help provide and maintain lab equipment, computers, mediated classrooms and more.

Following an exciting upgrade to Mount Holyoke’s transmission electron microscope, now even first-year students can take a class in nanoscience — and be inspired to pursue the field of nanotechnology.


Library & Archives

Support our library, collections and archives.

As a student, Bryna Tuner ’12 was intrigued by an Archives and Special Collections exhibit of letters. Her play “Bull in a China Shop,” which depicts the lives and loves of Mary Woolley and Jeannette Marks as revealed by their letters, has drawn critical acclaim.


Campus Preservation

Help maintain and preserve our grounds and buildings.

Located in the heart of the campus and set to open in 2018, the College’s new Community Center will serve more than tasty meals. It will also serve the community’s need to gather, celebrate, hold events, discuss, debate and kick back.



Support varsity and recreational athletics and activities.

Lessons learned from four years on the field hockey team, per Ruvimbo Mushavi ’17? “I will never feel like I deserve anything that I haven’t worked for, and because of that I will put my all into reaching every one of my personal goals.”


Student Life

Support student organizations and clubs, residence hall programs, M&Cs and more.

MoZone, MHC’s new peer education diversity program, provides a safe and informative space for honest talk about race, ethnicity, gender and sexuality.

Mount Holyoke College: cultivating passions and charting the way forward since 1837.