"Women's colleges are places where women lead in all aspects of student government and women's voices are not in the background in classes." -- Susana Morris '02 on the advantages of women's colleges

October 27, 2015 at 4:49 PM

Mount Holyoke College graduates"During my years at Mount Holyoke I flourished within an academic and social environment that emphasized my intellectual ability, fostered my feminism, and encouraged my potential as leader. Many of my close friends—women who excel in activism, teaching, philanthropy, publishing, and medicine—are Mount Holyoke women."

Susana Morris '02, an associate professor of English at Auburn University and About.com's Women's Issues Expert, recently wrote about the many advantages of attending a women's college. Morris and other scholars agree—an environment like Mount Holyoke, filled with ambitious, passionate, and intelligent women, is not only advantageous during the critical college years, but also in the decades of work and civic engagement that follow.

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