Mount Holyoke College Office of the President

An interlude of light

Season after season and year after year, the beauty of Mount Holyoke and the light of learning connect us, across generations and across the world.

In “What Shines,” Marjory Wentworth ’80, poet laureate of South Carolina, evokes this sense of wonder and shared experience. May her poem, set to music by composer Nathan Jones and performed by the Glee Club for Vespers 2016, bring you a moment of connection to the College, to your own memories, and to friends near and far.

And, in this, the season of light and holidays, and throughout the coming year, may you find joy, fulfillment, and occasion for celebration.


 “What Shines” by Marjory Wentworth ’80, 
from The Endless Repetition of an Ordinary Miracle

Tears falling that no one sees         familiar
voices           voices you love and the bells
ringing at the end of day          seedlings
sprouting on the windowsill          the future
fish scales         iced branches         after
the storm          a choir          cloud covered stars
everyone’s soul         white candles glowing
at the church entrance         desire         unspent
coins in a saucer         hair filled with sunlight
or water          what the diamond means


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