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March 20, 2020

Hello, world (of coding)

When I arrived at Mount Holyoke, it was with every intent to major in international relations. My passion for politics was sparked in high school, after volunteering for the 2016 Bernie Sanders campaign in New York City. I admired Sanders’ radical views on criminal justice reform and public assistance, having grown up facing parental incarceration and immense poverty. And, coming from rural Iowa, I was anxious to learn as much as I could about the rest of the world. 

March 19, 2020

“What I wish I’d known”: advice from seniors to firsties


Hail, class of 2024! Those who are about to graduate — fellow blue lions — salute you. 

Members of the class of 2020, who are finishing their last semester at Mount Holyoke, share their four years of experience with you, the class of 2024, as you begin your first. They offer advice on classes, student orgs and the value of studying the broad expanse of liberal arts. They also offer their hard-earned wisdom on making mistakes and finding success after high school — and enjoying themselves. 

 Learn more about each of these seniors.

March 19, 2020

Noteworthy advice for firsties from first-year Mount Holyoke students


We asked. They dished. Now we’re serving up tips! 

First-year students, still in the thick of their college transitions, reflected on what advice they’d give incoming firsties. Especially about things like classes and self-care. It’s amazing to see how excited they are for you — and how much they want you to know that “college is absolutely so much fun once you settle in!”

March 5, 2020

Our dead friend, Sophia

The Mount Holyoke College Archives and Special Collections is a treasure trove of forgotten pieces of Mount Holyoke history. Housed in the basement of Dwight Hall and under the masterful care of Leslie Fields, the Archives are teeming with mysteries waiting to be uncovered. One such mystery involves Sophia Allen, class of 1853 and former gravesite companion of College founder Mary Lyon.

February 25, 2020

This just in! Journalism classes open doors for Mount Holyoke students.

When I was planning my fall 2019 classes, the first semester of my junior year, I found myself questioning my academic path. What did I want to do with the psychology major I had declared the semester prior? Why, when I looked at the potential classes, did I find myself wishing for different options? In order to feel more academically fulfilled, I realized that I needed to pursue another one of my interests. 

I had previously taken classes in economics, politics and anthropology. So maybe a minor? Or what about the ethics class I had enjoyed my first year, maybe there was something there? Wait — maybe an English class? The creative writing class I dropped after the first three-hour session hadn’t been for me, but what about nonfiction writing? I had really enjoyed working as a staff writer for a local newspaper the summer before.