Ale Cabezas ’21

Alejandra Cabezas ’21 is from San Salvador, El Salvador. She intends to major in ancient studies and English. For the moment, job prospects are clearly not a worry for her. The things that make her happiest are — in no particular order — her loved ones, walking around big cities and winding down at the end of the day.

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November 1, 2018

A love letter to Mount Holyoke: the windows that watch us

Dear Mount Holyoke, 

I fear not enough people have a favorite window here on campus. If, when asked about you, we so ardently articulate that we find ourselves in a “pretty place,” why are we so unaware of the frames that encompass your beauty?

I know we all spend time gazing out windows — when homesick and thinking of the loved ones we left behind, when pulling an all-nighter and praying for strength, and especially when lonely and dreaming of anything other than the present despair of our existence. (We Mount Holyoke students embrace angst!)

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