Collins Hilton ’17

Collins Hilton ’17 studies Africana studies, education and theatre arts in a self-created major called theatre for social transformation. He currently works in the Career Development Center as a peer career advisor and he is a student facilitator of the MoZone Peer Education Program. Originally from South Orange, N.J., he came to Mount Holyoke because of the value the College places on striving to engage in important, yet difficult, conversations around relevant social conflicts.

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February 16, 2017

Career (search) stories: trans and entering the job market

So, there is this local children’s theater group. The director, known for her eccentric and involved theatrical style, was looking for an assistant. I was thrilled to get the job.

At one of our first meetings I casually brought up my trans-ness. Relieved, she said, “I saw your trans-ness on your resume. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to be the one to bring it up.”

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