Cory Mahlstedt ’20

Cory Mahlstedt ’20 of Tolland, Connecticut, double majors in psychology and German studies. She aims to pursue a career as a therapist specializing in eating disorders, mood disorders and substance abuse. Mahlstedt is a sailor for the Amherst College sailing team and also a member of the Mount Holyoke Outing Club. Some of her favorite things to do on campus? Climb the tree by Mandelle Hall, walk around Upper Lake, find new hiking paths, practice guitar and piano in Pratt Music Hall, and explore all the secret nooks and crannies on campus.

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November 14, 2019

The archetypal Mount Holyoke student? There isn’t one.

Olivia Vejcik, 2020 class board president, gave a compelling speech during the 2019 Convocation. Amid all the noise, color, heat and excitement, one particular remark  struck a chord with me. She said, “Resist any pressure you may feel to fit in.”* 

What? Perplexed, I spun around to my friend and genuinely asked, “How do you fit in at Mount Holyoke?” I don’t know how one can; I don’t know how one can’t. And this paradox is what makes the College so fantastically right for so many students.

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