Donari Yahzid ’19

Donari Yahzid ’19 is a double major in anthropology and politics with a Nexus concentration in development studies. She was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and her family hails from Jamaica, Trinidad and Ghana. On campus, Yahzid has participated in track and field, the International Relations Association and affinity groups that celebrate the African diaspora, such as the Association of Pan-African Unity (APAU) and the Mount Holyoke African and Caribbean Student Association (MHACASA).

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May 21, 2019

Oh the places you will go… when you go to Mount Holyoke!

To all the high school students near and far, I invite you to meet Mount Holyoke. Especially those of you who are not aware that women’s colleges even exist — as was the case when I began my college search process. The schools I was initially interested in were mainly co-ed, on the west coast and definitely housed more than 2,200 students.

It was my mother who first found Mount Holyoke. She raved about how it would be the “uncommon but impeccable choice,” and how she was absolutely certain that she could see me here. As I began receiving college acceptances, there was only one that made my mother cry — the one from Mount Holyoke. When I flew up to experience campus for myself during MHC Preview weekend, an event for admitted students, I was ecstatic. I had never been to the Northeast before, but I soon realized I had an opportunity to enjoy a life I had never imagined.

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