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Emily Lankiewicz ’17

Emily Lankiewicz ’17 hails from Needham, Massachusetts. As an art history major with a special minor in graphic design and digital media, Lankiewicz was a student liaison for the art history department and co-founder of the campus org Art Society. She is drawn to the digital humanities and is interested in bridging the gap between art historical study and technology.

Recent Posts

June 7, 2017

New ways of seeing: a blend of passions

As a child, spinning on an office chair at my dad’s desk, I discovered the power of digital technology. Playing “Myst” and other computer games transported me to another world: an awe-inspiring journey with nooks and crannies, ready to be explored.

As a visual learner, I also spent a lot of my childhood exploring museums and making art. Coupled with my interest in history and the humanities, I found the decision to attend a liberal arts college to be an easy one.