Lexi Lobdell ’20

Lexi Lobdell ’20 hails from Portola Valley, California. She majors in neuroscience and behavior, minors in entrepreneurship, organizations and societies, and works in a neuroscience lab on campus. Lobdell also studied abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark. After graduation she hopes to pursue a career at the intersection of health care and business by working in pharmaceutical pricing. She is the captain of the Mount Holyoke College dressage team, and when not at the barn, can be found out on the trails with the Outdoor Adventure Living-Learning Community or in her senior carrel at work on her thesis.

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January 6, 2020

“We could do that research at Mount Holyoke!”

When asked “Why Mount Holyoke?” I’ve always replied with the same answer: for unmatched equestrian and academic opportunities. As an avid high school equestrian, the pale blue Equestrian Center was my first impression of the Mount Holyoke campus and I was mesmerized. I immediately knew the Equestrian Center would be my athletic home for the next four years. But I never dreamed it could also be my research lab. 

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