Lindsey McGinnis ’18

Lindsey McGinnis ’18 is from Hingham, Massachusetts. She studies international relations with a focus on peace and security and pursues a Nexus concentration in journalism, media and public discourse. As editor-in-chief of the campus newspaper, she spends most of her time in Blanchard 324, working on the latest issue of Mount Holyoke News (which you can read too!) During her junior year, McGinnis served as the paper’s arts and entertainment editor, co-hosted a talk show on the College’s radio station, WMHC, and studied abroad in Shanghai, China. She hopes to pursue a career in journalism — either print or radio — ideally covering international security issues. Becoming the world’s first International Space Station correspondent is her favorite pipe dream.

Recent Posts

February 12, 2018

Baby’s starting Mount Holyoke in the… spring?

When I started college, the ground was crunchy with salt and the snow was so thick you could sled down the amphitheater steps. I was careful to not invade my roommate’s space as I unpacked (she had started in September and would not move back in for a few days). Besides my residence hall’s community advisor, there was one other person on my floor — an athlete, maybe — and the whole process was very calm and very quiet.

I was so in love with Mount Holyoke College that the idea of arriving a semester later than my peers never threatened my decision to come here. But it did present a few concerns. As a spring admit, or “springie,” I wondered, how would I meet people? Could I really catch up with the rest of my class? What was a Mountain Day?