Lisa Garrity ’19

Lisa Garrity ’19 is a computer science major from Longmeadow, Massachusetts. She works for the Mount Holyoke Library, Information and Technology Services as a Media Resources student technician. In spring 2017, she stage managed the theatre arts department’s production of “Wit,” a play by Margaret Edson. She is currently in training for the computer science department’s Megas and Gigas Educate program.

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September 26, 2017

Why I applied Early Decision

I applied to Mount Holyoke Early Decision because I made my decision early. Six years early.

My mom started working at Mount Holyoke when I was in seventh grade, and upon my first visit in May 2010 it was love at first sight. The key word here is sight. There’s no denying the campus is drop-dead gorgeous — in any season, in any weather, at any time of day — and that was the basis of my initial infatuation.

But there was more. As a 13-year-old experiencing the horrors of middle school, the campus seemed like a world apart. I was also more than a little obsessed with Harry Potter. Mount Holyoke looks like Hogwarts. What else did I need?

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