Michelle ‘Misha’ Oraa Ali ’17

Michelle ‘Misha’ Oraa Ali ’17, a Filipino-Indian international student, majors in neuroscience and behavior. She’s also pursuing a self-designed minor in graphic narrative and visual storytelling. She is a liaison for the Program in Neuroscience and Behavior and works at Archives and Special Collections, where she catalogues the College’s extensive zine collection. Since her sophomore year, Ali has done cognitive neuroscience and psycholinguistics research with Assistant Professor Mara Breen on implicit prosody and rhythm, and has looked at the effects of steroid hormone secretion on metamorphosis in fruit flies with Professor Craig Woodard. At the start of her senior year, Ali received a Five College Digital Humanities student fellowship. In the future, Ali hopes to pursue scientific research and create projects at the intersection of art and neuroscience.

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December 5, 2016

Invention and innovation: a symphony of sound and color

For many of my early years, I thought everyone experienced the world as I did. When I encounter certain stimulus, such as hearing the musical note A, it involuntarily elicits another seemingly unrelated sensation, such as seeing the color red. It wasn’t until I read about synesthesia in V. S. Ramachandran and Sandra Blakeslee’s book The Phantom of the Brain that I had a serious “Aha!” moment.

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