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Mollie Grubman ’20

Mollie Grubman, class of 2020, is from sunny Encino, California. She’s a religion major (and kinda-sorta politics double major) who hopes to become fluent in Yiddish. She spends her time hunting for the Wilder ghost with her friends and thinking about ways to change our current political climate. Oh, and if you need assistance printing, she’s behind the technology help desk in the Williston Library.

Recent Posts

February 14, 2018

A producer’s take on student-run theater

I’ve been involved in theater throughout most my entire life. From short productions on my elementary school’s dingy stage to behind-the-scenes work at a nonprofit theater in Los Angeles, I’ve always had some stake in it. Whether it was watching from the house (where the audience sits), performing on the stage, reaching out to the community or costuming in the wings, I simply can’t get away from it. It brings me so much joy. I don’t know if I can accurately put my love for theater into words.