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Morgan Turner ’20

Morgan Turner ’20 is a psychology major following a Nexus concentration in journalism, media, and public discourse. Outside of the classroom she can be found at Kendall Sports & Dance Complex, competing with the field hockey team or working out in the Lyons Den. An aspiring journalist, Turner has been published in Sports Illustrated, SI Now and local news outlets.

Recent Posts

February 25, 2020

This just in! Journalism classes open doors for Mount Holyoke students.

When I was planning my fall 2019 classes, the first semester of my junior year, I found myself questioning my academic path. What did I want to do with the psychology major I had declared the semester prior? Why, when I looked at the potential classes, did I find myself wishing for different options? In order to feel more academically fulfilled, I realized that I needed to pursue another one of my interests. 

I had previously taken classes in economics, politics and anthropology. So maybe a minor? Or what about the ethics class I had enjoyed my first year, maybe there was something there? Wait — maybe an English class? The creative writing class I dropped after the first three-hour session hadn’t been for me, but what about nonfiction writing? I had really enjoyed working as a staff writer for a local newspaper the summer before.

November 8, 2019

Goalie-oke: perspectives from the pitch

Fall in South Hadley means many things: the first opportunity to break out an MHC hoodie, crisp leaves falling on Skinner Green, the long-awaited hike to the Summit House atop Mt. Holyoke on Mountain Day. But for me and my 21 teammates, the changing of the seasons is also accompanied by 5-ounce solid plastic balls. Field hockey balls, to be exact.