Nina Larbi ’22

Nina Larbi ’22 hails from the Philadelphia area in Pennsylvania. She is a prospective double major in history and environmental studies. She is currently involved in the Mount Holyoke chapter of Amnesty International and is a staff writer for the op-ed section of the Mount Holyoke News.

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February 1, 2019

Five snippets of Mount Holyoke life

Although I am clearly not a college expert — I have just finished my first semester of my first year at Mount Holyoke — I feel like I have gained a bit of experience along the way. On the one hand, I have locked myself out of my residence hall at 8 am on my second day and gone along with the wrong Orientation group for an entire day. And on the other, I’ve survived the stress of finals week and having five papers due within seven days. Plus I have made some truly amazing friends and shared great moments.

To ring in the spring semester, I have reached out to some friends to compile their favorite unexpected experiences as firsties. Because although the first semester of college is always an emotional and environmental adjustment, we, as a community, have made good memories.

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