Samantha Snodgrass ’18

Samantha Snodgrass is a gender studies major from San Diego, California. She is interested in investigating identity, history and how we understand the world. Outside of her major she also loves taking classes in dance. Snodgrass, who has been a student research assistant in Mount Holyoke College’s Archives and Special Collections since May 2015, plans to pursue a career in museums and archives. She has curated a solo exhibit on music at Mount Holyoke, and co-curated exhibits on the Mount Holyoke News and physical education. During her research for this year’s archives summer intern exhibit entitled “From Calisthenics to the Olympics: Physical Education at Mount Holyoke,” she found information on the College’s fire brigade among the Athletic Association files and knew that it was a story worth sharing. Snodgrass has also created zines on the fire brigade and on the history of Blanchard Hall, both of which are available in the archives.

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January 5, 2018

Fighting fires, blazing trails

In late 1895, Mount Holyoke students decided to form a fire brigade. And in doing so, they made history. A story that year from the New York Journal reported that theirs was the first all-women’s fire department in the nation. As far as we know, this amazing story checks out.

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