Sarah Paust ’20

Sarah Paust ’20 is a double major in anthropology and biology. A proud blue lion, Paust co-chairs the Mount Holyoke Outing Club. In addition to her academic and professional interests in medical anthropology, global health and human rights, she is an avid reader and writer, and hopes to someday publish a novel or short story anthology. When not holed up in the library or a local coffee shop working on her senior thesis, Paust can be found birdwatching, collecting insects or knitting scarves for friends.

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October 28, 2019

Adventure beyond the gates

I vividly remember the first time I set foot on campus. I was 17 and exhausted from a multistate college tour. I had long dreamed of escaping to New England and, suddenly, here I was. 

It was late August. Everything felt oversaturated: the greenery, the buzzing of cicadas, the sun-warmed bricks. I asked my tour guide my go-to question, what she liked to do for fun. She told me the Pioneer Valley was a great place to go hiking, specifically through something called the Outing Club. It sounded intriguing.

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