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September 30, 2016

Leadership in performing arts

Mount Holyoke College

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Don’t just show up. Run the show! 

College is a whole new stage. New roles, new collaborations, new settings, new experiences. It’s a chance to script your future and claim your voice. It’s your time to unlock the theatre major—or the artist, the scientist, the researcher, the writer, the analyst, or the leader—in you. And to prepare to open doors in the career field of your choice.

For a recent all-student production of Waking Sleepy Hollow—a reimagining of Washington Irving’s beloved The Legend of Sleepy Hollow—one theatre arts major added a major new credential to her resume: assistant stage manager. 

KennedyWarner.pngKennedy Warner ’16

“Being the assistant stage manager for Waking Sleepy Hollow has been a completely new experience for me,” said Kennedy Warner ’16. “I am learning the importance of experiencing other sides of putting on a show—from start to finish. Theater is the epitome of a collaborative process.”

Warner is pleased to present you with a backstage pass to opening night of Waking Sleepy Hollow. Check it out below.

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Mount Holyoke is a women's college that is gender diverse: We welcome applications from female, transgender and nonbinary students. Mount Holyoke is a magnet for ambitious, independent students from around the world who embrace complexity, cultivate curiosity and resolve to become agents of change. Our tight-knit community is academically rigorous, intellectually adventurous and socially conscious. As one of the most diverse research liberal arts colleges in the United States, Mount Holyoke prepares students for leadership and cultural awareness on a global scale. Mount Holyoke graduates thrive in all fields, on all continents and in a vast array of languages.